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June 8th, 2011 knleon12

So it is now week two of my internship and things are going pretty well.  Since I last posted I have done quite a few more articles for the website, ranging in everything from corporate acquisitions to bond ratings.  And let’s just say, the Financial Markets and Institutions class I took at HC last year has definitely paid off big time!  I’m still learning more and more about the financial system everyday, as well as how to write professionally.

Today, some of my co-workers took me out to lunch at this great little Mexican restaurant near my office to welcome me and another new reporter to the division.  The food was delicious, but the part I loved the most was the walk there.  It was so much fun getting to walk through the neighborhood and take in my surroundings.

When we finally got to the street the restaurant was on, I could have swore I was back in Paris!  It was the cutest little side street filled completely with tables and chairs.  It was like serenity right in the middle of the New York daily chaos, and I loved the atmosphere.

This got me thinking about just how big New York City is.  Having grown-up just outside of New York, I had the typical mindset that I knew the city like the back of my hand.

But now that I am working here, I am spending time in an area of the city that I had never really been in before.  It’s like I’m in an entirely new city!  It amazes me that after so long I can still find so many new things about NYC that excite me.

Anyway, I am once again on the train home and it seems to be becoming a habit that I do my best thinking/writing here.  Early next week I am attending my first financial council conference as a member of the press so I will check back in then to let you guys know how it goes, wish me luck!

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