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June 21st, 2011 knleon12

As promised, here is a (quick) retelling of my very first industry conference as a member of the press.

I arrived at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Monday, and after first getting in the wrong registration line, and then the wrong session, I finally found the right place (in my defense, it is a deceivingly large hotel).

Anyway, I loved every second of getting to sit there, press badge and all, and soaking it all in. It was a little weird to introduce myself as a member of the press, but I got used to it. I did notice that most people talk to you differently when you have the little ‘press’ header above your name tag, they seem a little more on edge. My boss says to expect that. I have to admit, I kind of liked it!

There were some great speakers, and not just from the financial sector but from the political world as well. How often you get to listen to former members of Congress talk firsthand about issues like healthcare and the national debt? So cool.

I still can’t believe that after just a few weeks, I got to cover a conference on my own. Jumping right in really is the best way to learn.

It was also great to spend time around Midtown, an area that I am much more familiar with but always enjoy. Little by little I am getting around the city!

I also have to mention, I have a new obsession with this natural to-go market in the Financial District called ‘Flavors’. If you are ever downtown, please go! Everything is delicious but I would recommend trying their homemade yogurt and granola. So so so good. Im not sure if it’s a blessing or burden I found out about it so early on in the summer…

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