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Down to the wire…

July 28th, 2011 knleon12

So I just realized that in all of my posts, I haven’t really given you all an idea of what a typical day is like for me at Source Media. Better late than never!

Most days I get in around 8:30 and check my email to see what my boss Karen has sent for me to start on. Usually there are a few stories waiting for me to post on our website. To explain, because our publication, Asset Securitization Report, is housed within the larger Capital Markets Newsletters division, we can post published articles from our affiliates on our site, with proper credit attributed to them of course.

So after I enter in all the info and submit the stories, there are usually press releases or reports waiting for me to writeup. They can be anything from a short corporate hiring announcement to an in-depth data analysis report from a bank or ratings agencies. Always different subjects, and I never get bored!

Once I finish and check each story I send it over to Karen for the final approval, and after I get the okay, I post it up on our website as either a features piece or a news item (depending on the type and subject).

If it’s a slow day I will either look around the web or check the Bloomberg machine (a special financial news network/service) for securitization news we may have missed.

Other days I may be listening in on a conference call or web-conference (technology can be so handy), like I did earlier this week.

On deadline days, which come once every 4 weeks or so, things are a little more hectic. Today at 4pm was the deadline for our August publication, and there was much to do!

I was very excited that Karen trusted me enough to do a whole multiple-page story for this month’s issue, it was sort of a culmination of everything I’ve learned this summer, both in finance and journalism. After I put the finishing touches on it this morning I got started on copyediting the other stories that had been submitted.

After putting all of the corrections in, I took it upstairs and went over all the changes with our layout and design guy to add them in. I repeated this process after each story and luckily we made it time-wise. So much to do but I loved getting to see all of the different aspects of the publication process up close.

Now all there is left to do is wait for the magazines to be printed and shipped out!

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