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June 29th, 2011 knleon12

Sorry for the delay in posting, things at work have been so busy! But I am still loving it. I’m hoping to get over to South Street Seaport sometime this week and I will be sure to recap afterwards. Luckily it hasn’t been too hot (yet) and having an office by the water has the added benefit of a nice breeze.

On a random note, now that I have almost reached the official halfway point of my internship, It is safe to say I have become quite the pro on commuting. It definitely helps that I spend nearly 4 hours a day on either a subway or train, and along the way I have picked up some good tips.

Here are just a few for any of you that will be braving Metro-North next summer:

1) If given the choice, take the inside seat of a three-seater on the train. The outside one may seem more appealing in theory, but the head rest is a lot lower and you will get bumped the whole time. Also, if its a slow day, this is where you will have the best shot at having an empty seat next to you.

2) If there’s only middle seats, you might as well stand.

3) If you get on a train or subway car that seems even a little warm, keeping going onto the next one. You’ll usually find one that’s at least somewhat better. Don’t settle, the ride can seem longer than you think.

4) Don’t be the person talking on your phone. Its like an unspoken code of the train. You may think you’re being quiet but, be honest, would you want to listen to someone chat away 7 am? Absolutely not.

5) Download decent iPhone games or something to keep you entertained, you never know when mass transit will breakdown and believe me you don’t want to find out that lesson the hard way.

Hope you enjoyed and I will catch up again later on this week!

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